“Where words fail, music speaks.”
― Hans Christian Andersen
When I was four, I composed my first song.
I was sitting at a cottage, with my legs dangling over the dock. The waves crashed beneath my feet as the melody came to me. The song was nostalgic with plenty of made-up words so the lyrics could rhyme, but I sang it until my family called me for dinner. I left the dock with that uplifted feeling only music brings.
When I was seven, I fell in love with the violin.
My mother wanted me to play the piano. Maybe I thought the violin was more cool and distinct. Or maybe I needed an instrument I can carry with me. I brought it to school for assemblies and choirs. It came to camp with me. It traveled from my home in Toronto to New York, and to Israel for my seminary year.
That’s what music is for all of us. It’s a constant companion in good times and the other ones, at every stage of life, and in any circumstance. It’s a friend who always knows the right thing to say.
I continued writing music throughout high school, allowing it to express what words cannot. Now, I am fulfilling the dream of that four-year-old sitting on the dock: I am producing my own album.
Thank you for coming to my site.
I’m looking forward to sharing my music with you.